Symposium 2018

Discrimination in the Legal Profession

Western State College of Law – April 7th, 2018 – 9:30AM to 2PM. Check in at 9AM.

Western State Law Review’s Symposium Team is proud to announce the upcoming 2018 Western State Law Review Symposium:
Discrimination in the Legal Profession

The main “umbrella” topic of Discrimination in the Legal Profession will include sub-topics and issues related to the concept of discrimination in the legal profession, such as lawyer to lawyer discrimination, lawyer-client discrimination and more. One large aspect is Proposed Rule of Professional Conduct 8.4.1.

In a nutshell: Rule 8.4.1 is about prohibiting any type of discrimination, harassment, and retaliation in law practice, and seeks to expand current rule 2-400’s prohibition on discrimination to all law operations. Rule 8.4.1 also carries some provisions of which attorneys should be aware, as it proposes to remove some of the due process requirements the State Bar had to follow with respect to the investigation and discipline of an attorney reported to have committed discrimination, harassment, or retaliation in relation to law operations.

Proposed Rule 8.4.1 was brought to the team’s attention by Professor Mohr, who has been involved and working closely with the Symposium Team.

Our goal for the upcoming symposium is to attract alumni, current students, and others from the legal community to attend an event that will be both educational and thought-provoking. We desire to develop and produce an event that will bring awareness to issues of discrimination in law practice that may not be as widely known, and to provide a forum for those who are experienced to enlighten those seeking knowledge. We inspire to create a legal symposium that innovates new ideas and encourages progression in the ever-changing dynamics of the legal profession.

Hon. Victoria Kolakowski – Judge, Alameda County Superior Court
Hon. Halim Dhanidina – Judge, Los Angeles County Superior Court
Hon. Maria D. Hernandez – Judge, Orange County Superior Court
Mia Yamamoto – Law Office of Mia Yamamoto
Professor Kevin Mohr – Western State College of Law

Upon purchase of the ticket, your name will be added to the list of attendees. Please see the check-in table with your ID in order to gain admission.

Note: Symposium qualifies for 4 MCLE Credits (3 Ethics, 1 Elimination of Bias)

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