Law Review Mixer Experience - By Alex Baello

On a crisp cool November evening on 2017, the Western State Law Review undertook a most ambitious endeavor in the form of an Alumni and Member Mixer. While successfully hosting symposiums over its 44 years of existence, the Alumni Mixer was daunting for that very reason. 44 years of history, alumni, and journals to take into consideration along with balancing the rigors of being in law school. Despite the daunting task set before them, the Executive Board believed that in order to succeed and find a future as a Law Review, eyes not only had to kept on the future, but also on the past, always remembering that those who came before.

The task began months before the event with current members tirelessly poring through the archives to find the names of our alumni over the past 44 years. The list was daunting. 44 years of Western State’s best working together to make a successful Law Review, but through generous use of Google and Bar Websites a group effort was put forth and e-mails, addresses, and other contact information were put to these names.

With this first task complete Law Review moved forward. Invitations were prepared and disseminated; plans were made and put into motion. All of this culminated on November 16 when the board and members arrived and waited with anticipation for a night which they hoped would result in unforgettable memories for both the current students and the alumni. As 5:30P.M. neared, the polishing touches were being set up and months of work was finally rewarded as the first of the alumni arrived.

The alumni were welcomed by a small group of members who handed out name badges, welcome packets, and cordial greetings. From there, the alumni were free to mingle with the current members or their fellow alumni. In addition to this, the Marketing Team, spearheaded by Anahi Millot-Audetat had arranged for Canyon Catering to provide food for the event. The spread was delicious with a myriad of food available to the attendees, pita bread with various types of hummus, caprese skewers, chicken skewers, and so much more, having something for every palate. The entire Executive Board were on task, providing tours of the new campus, introducing members to alumni and making sure that all attendees were enjoying themselves.

Many special memories were made that evening, including having some of the first members of the Law Review arrive to not only mingle with the current members, but to also extend their wisdom and knowledge. The turnout was greater than expected and to quote the Law Review Faculty Advisor Professor Philip Merkel, “I was really impressed with the turnout of previous law review members. I especially enjoyed meeting with graduates I taught over the years.” Despite the event running from 5:30PM to 8:30PM a number of guests and members were not anxious to leave and the event continued to run late into the evening.

With the success of this first Alumni Mixer event under their belt, the Western State Law Review looks forward to spring 2018 with their eyes fully focused on the symposium and awards banquet. While the Law Review exerted tireless effort, special thanks should be extended to those whom without their support the event would not have been possible, the sponsors:

Pedersen Law, Bently & More, The Valentine Law Group, The Traut Firm, The Roberts Law Firm, and Lawyer’s Mutual Legal Malpractice Insurance.

Pictures of the Event:

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