Blood Drive - Success!

Hello Western State Family:

On behalf of Law Review, we would like to thank you for coming out and donating blood to support a worthy cause. The blood drive was a success! We were able to collect a total of 16 units of blood donation for last week’s blood drive. Since one unit of blood can save up to 3 lives, with your help, we saved up to 48 lives!

Here is a brief summary of what the Western State community was able to accomplish!

Blood Drive Summary

Presenting donors: 18

Deferrals:  1

QNS (donors were not able to complete their donations): 1

Total Units Collected: 16 Whole Blood Units x up to 3 lives saved = 48 lives saved.

We greatly appreciate all of your efforts and all of the donors who came to donate. Without your efforts and the donors, many lives would not be saved.  Thank you for being lifesavers!

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